How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview

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What if you could magically write a couple words and abracadabra you managed to secure a position with the company you were hoping for? Truth is, it really could be as simple as that. The lost art of writing thank you notes is slowly disappearing from business communication following the interview that may just guarantee that you’re the candidate chosen.

When it comes down to being in the employers shoes, having two candidates of equal strengths, both have qualifications that are of equal standing but having to choose which of the two candidates to hire could be determined if one took the time to thank the employer for having considered them for the interview and made a point to restate once more why they are considering the job and stating any other pertinent information that may have been overlooked during the interview.

This strategically sets this candidate apart from their competition, giving the employer a chance to relook over their application and show the employer that this person is the right candidate for the job due to the aggressiveness in following up.

This article will show you how to write a thank you email following an interview so that you can get a leg up over the competition and land that job you’ve applied for.

  • As you prepare for your interview, indicate several key points that make you the best candidate for the job. What do you offer, that the company can’t be without you? Why should they hire you? Include these in the email.
  • Write the first draft prior to the interview so you don’t have to think on it following the interview. This saves time and your sanity.
  • Ask the hiring manager for their business card before you leave the interview. This way you have all the pertinent information such as email address and direct contact information.
  • Within no more than 24 hours following the interview, prepare the final draft and send it off.
  • Every thank you email should include the following;

Opening should literally say thank you and express gratitude for the employer taking the time to consider you for the position. This helps gain the respect of the hiring manager.

Include a few remarks stating your interest and desire to work for the company. Express your sincerity over your excitement of the opportunity.

Here is where you include the key points you wrote down prior to the interview highlighting your skills and abilities and what you discovered during the interview on how you can benefit the company.

Include any key accomplishments you didn’t get a chance to highlight on during the interview. It’s OK to promote yourself!

Close the letter by thanking them once again and how you hope to hear from them.

Once upon a time the traditional thank you note was handwritten. Due to the advancement of business applications and the internet, email has revolutionized the speed of business allowing you to follow up within a timely fashion and keep your name in the forefront of the employer’s mind.

By following these tips, you’re putting yourself in the fast lane for employment.  Just this simple act of a thank you email can guarantee a job offer faster than the typical ways of interviewing alone.

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