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Career Resources

Whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, at every stage you can use advice that will help you guide your career ion the right direction. We have built this section specifically to help those who are looking to refine their skills, improve their resumes, prepare for interviews, and build a professional network.

Job Description

If you are considering a career or are just curious, it is useful to see what a job typically entails. We have listed descriptions for some of the most common career options. Use this section to find out if the duties and responsibilities associated with a career choice is right for you. Make an informed choice before selecting a field and you will not regret your choice after many years.


Are you in a career research mode? Want to know how much one makes in each of the careers? You are at the right place. We are developing a resource which lists salary information by state for all major careers. There are numerous ways you can use this date right from selecting a career to the state and city you want to work in.

Schools & Training

If you are looking for schools to further your education or gain specialized education to help you grow in your career, you will finds useful information on our site to narrow down your search. We are listing some of the best schools for various degree, certification and vocational courses.

Interview Questions

You have an interview coming up? Want to know the questions that are likely to come up in the interview? Often companies and interviewers ask the same questions to all interviewers and you are expected to prepare for these in advance.

Company Application

Why visit job boards when you can apply directly to a company? We have an extensive list of companies that you can apply to directly. Many of the jobs you will find through these links are never published on job boards elsewhere. This increases your chances of getting hired significantly.

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