Healthcare Careers

Physical Therapist Salary

Physical therapists treat patients suffering from physical impairments. Ranging from car crash victims to Olympic athletes striving for world-record performances, the profession deals with a huge variety of cases and patients. Ever wondered how much a physical therapist makes? Or how to become one? Read on, as this article will explain the average salary of …

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Pharmacist Salary

Pharmacists are highly trained medical professionals with extensive knowledge of drugs and their uses. Their main job is to dispense prescription medication, along with advice regarding proper drug handling procedures and possible side effects. Are you wondering how to become a pharmacist? Or perhaps how much a pharmacist makes? This article explains the facets of …

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Dentist Salary

Dentists look after patient’s oral hygiene. They use many different tools to perform a variety of preventative and restorative dental procedures. Not only is the profession growing rapidly, dentists are also very well compensated for their services. How much does a dentist make? Read on, as this article provides a brief overview of the job; …

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Paramedic Salary

Paramedics are often the difference between life and death. They administer immediate medical care at the scene of an emergency, before transporting victims to the nearest hospital. Paramedics must be physically and emotionally tough, and keep a cool head in high-pressure situations. Does this sound like you? Are you wondering how to become one? Or …

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Orthopedic Surgeon Salary

There are many different kinds of surgeons, but what exactly do Orthopedic Surgeons do? They are responsible for being knowledgeable about the skeletal system including muscles, bones, ligaments, etc.  They perform surgeries and prescribe other rehabilitative treatments.  Want to know how much Orthopedic Surgeons make?  We will go over Orthopedic Surgeon Salary in this article.

Orthodontist Salary

Everyone is familiar with dentists and plenty of people fear visiting them, but then what do orthodontists do?  Orthodontists fall under the broader category of dentist.  This profession is considered a specialization within dental services.  Want to know how much Orthodontists make?  We will go over Orthodontist Salary in this article.

Optometrist Salary

Nearly everyone knows someone who need glasses or other corrective lenses, but who are the professionals that help patients with eye issues?  Optometrists are the answer.  They are the professionals that examine, diagnose, treat, and manage visual disorders, eye diseases, and injuries.  Want to know how much optometrists make?  We will go over optometrist salary …

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Occupational Therapist Salary

“Physical therapy teaches people how to walk, and occupational therapy teaches them how to dance”. Occupational therapists treat patients with a variety of physical, mental or emotional impairments, helping them develop skills which allow them to carry out everyday tasks. Therapists use a wide variety of methods to help their patients achieve self-reliance. Ever wondered …

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Nutritionist Salary

Today there are numerous sources of information on nutrition that advise us on a daily basis on what we should eat and when.  There are various diets to sift through.  Nutritionists are those professionals that help individuals decide what to eat in order to live a healthy lifestyle.  Want to know how much nutritionists make?  …

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LPN Salary

LPN stands for Licensed Practical Nurse.  They differ from RNs and provide basic medical care.  They work under the direction of registered nurses or doctors.  In fact LPNs can become RNs through more training and education.  Want to know how much LPNs make?  We will go over LPN salary in this article.