How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview

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What if you could magically write a couple words and abracadabra you managed to secure a position with the company you were hoping for? Truth is, it really could be as simple as that. The lost art of writing thank you notes is slowly disappearing from business communication following the interview that may just guarantee that you’re the candidate chosen. Continue…

How To Impress During Your Internship


So you decided what you wanted to be when you grew up. Following graduation you applied for an internship since that was the fast track to your future career.  It’s supposed to give you real world experience but you’re stuck getting coffees and lattes for your coworkers. Here’s how to make the most of the most important building block to your career.

Every intern has the power to turn a temporary gig into a full job as long as you follow these suggestions on how to impress during your internship. Continue…

7 Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

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Interviews are essentially a way to market yourself by promoting yourself as a potential candidate for employment. Thinking as a marketer you want to brand yourself with your skills. This means thinking of 3 to 5 ways of distinguishing your strengths and being prepared with success stories that positively reflect well on you. Having notes on highlights of your success stories will help jog your memory. Also asking pertinent questions to the employer is a welcomed time to do so while responding to the 7 integral questions nearly every employer asks.

Here are the 7 interview questions that you must prepare for in today’s job force. Continue…

5 Common Resume Mistakes To Avoid

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This day and age, with the competition for select positions on the line, the last thing you need is for your resume to have any mistakes that could cost you the position you applied for. Whether it’s your first resume or a mid-career change with these 5 tips your resume will be a professional representation of your skills Continue…